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“Grammar: the difference between knowing your shit and knowing you’re shit.”

“Some women choose to follow men, and some women choose to follow their dreams. If you’re wondering which way to go, remember that your career will never wake up and tell you that it doesn’t love you anymore.”
~ Sunday, April 13 ~

"My friend’s ex just got a new girlfriend."

Me: “Aw, is she okay?”
Roommate: “I don’t think so…hold on. She’s calling me.”

Roommate answers her phone.

Hey girl. Talk to me.”
Unidentified mumbling.
"How much longer do you think it would have been appropriate for him to wait before date someone else?"

Well. That escalated quickly.

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I can only apologise.

This guy just needed a hug forever. And ever. And ever.

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~ Saturday, March 15 ~

happy Ides of March all y’all plebeians


happy Ides of March all y’all plebeians

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~ Thursday, March 13 ~

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When “i” is replaced with “we” even illness becomes wellness.

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I definitely needed this right now.

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But you can’t hide.


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~ Wednesday, March 12 ~


Hope you’re feeling better.

And even if you’re not, here’s something to cheer you up:

Would you watch “How to speak Singlish” on YouTube (if your search gives you more than one, it’s the one by Amos Yee). It’s hysterical and true-to-point. The best part of it is that the kid speaks the general description in American English, then he riffs on Singapore English-lah!

[business professor’s name & signature]

I’ve been seriously ill the past few days to the point I’ve had to let my professors know about my condition to be excused from class. One of my professors sent me the above e-mail after I missed class on Monday.

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~ Sunday, March 9 ~


As a college student you’re either struggling academically, financially, or spiritually. Or all 3

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~ Sunday, March 2 ~

Your food has nuts, so don’t kiss her.

I stared at the golden brown flakes sprinkled over my rice noodles and beef, and thought to myself. This is a lot of garlic…or sesame…or a combination of both? Do Vietnamese people use peanuts in their noodle dishes? The menu didn’t mention peanuts. I dread asking waiters if there are nuts in my food because they often aren’t sure themselves, and it’s hard to explain the severity of my nut allergies when waiters are so busy. I was also with someone whom I recently met, and I didn’t want him to think I was high-maintenance with my dietary restrictions (can you blame me, it’s San Francisco).

Realizing that self-administering a shot with my Epi-pen in the event of a reaction was far more embarrassing than confirming the ingredients of my dish, I worked up the confidence to ask the nearest waiter about my noodles.

"Yeah. Those are peanuts. Are you allergic? We can cook it again for you. You didn’t eat anything, right??" Yes! A waiter that understands allergies! The waiter takes my bowl, hands it to someone else, and begins speaking in rapid Vietnamese, probably explaining why I couldn’t eat the perfectly cooked meal in his hands. 

My new friend looks at me with slight concern. “I’ll be fine,” I reassure him. I tell him more about my allergies to alleviate the mood, and encourage him to eat while my food was being re-cooked.

Our waiter returns. “This doesn’t have nuts. We made sure.”

"Thanks. Are there any nuts the egg rolls?"

"Those don’t have nuts either." The waiter points to my friend’s food, "but his food does. So no kissing tonight." After a short pause, our waiter verifies, "You guys are boyfriend and girlfriend, right?"

By now, the waiter realized the situation and figured he was digging himself into a deeper hole. Sparing the three of us the awkwardness, he mumbled a few more words and walked off. 

Follow-up: I survived dinner, and my friend and I did not kiss.

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~ Tuesday, February 25 ~



Honest University Commercial

So done

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